Mobile commerce helps boost online retail revenue

Mobile Commerce sales
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New platform sheds some light on mobile sales and the growth of e-commerce

E-commerce is picking up momentum in the U.S. Custora, a provider of commerce marketing analytics, has released a new platform, called the E-Commerce Pulse, which provides real-time information concerning the U.S. e-commerce scene. Pulse shows that more people are taking to shopping online, but many are not doing so from their home computers. A rapidly growing number of consumers has opted to shop from their mobile devices, showing favor for the convenient options offered by various mobile commerce platforms.

Online traffic is up over 2012

According to Pulse, beginning November 1 of this year, holiday e-commerce revenue throughout the U.S. has grown by 18% over what it had been in 2012. Traffic to online retail sites has grown by 23% from the traffic volume reported in 2012. Pulse has collected information from over 70 million online shoppers, accounting for more than $10 billion in online spending across 100 retailers based in the U.S.


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Mobile commerce proves attractive to consumers

Mobile Commerce salesAccording to Custora, mobile commerce is growing at a rapid pace. Being able to shop and purchase products from a mobile device has become an attractive concept to consumers, especially those that travel frequently. These consumers appear to favor shopping with tablets, though smartphones account for the higher spending. Custora notes that mobile sales in the U.S. have grown by 28% over what they had been during the 2012 holiday shopping season.

Social commerce is gaining ground

Apple devices are most popular when it comes to mobile shopping. Consumers tend to favor the services available to the iOS platform because these services tend to be more inclusive as they are not based solely on NFC technology. Social media is also beginning to play a larger role in commerce, with sites like Facebook and Twitter offering a more engaging and interactive experience for consumers that are shopping from their mobile devices.

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