Mobile commerce and guns do not mix, according to Square

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Square restricts mobile commerce services concerning firearm sales

Leading mobile commerce firm Square has made changes to its terms of service agreement that bar the purchase of firearms, ammunition, and other associated products and materials. The firm is seeking to limit the sale of products that it considers to be designed to cause physical injury. This move will not stop U.S. consumers from purchase firearms, of course, but they will not be able to do so through Square’s mobile commerce services.

Mobile commerce makes slow progress in the US

Mobile commerce has been growing in popularity in the U.S., but has yet to acquire the attention of the majority of consumers throughout the country. Many people are aware they can make mobile payments with their smartphones and tablets, but choose not to due to concerns regarding security and, in some cases, efficiency. Square has helped expand the reach of mobile commerce and has helped many consumers warm to the concept of mobile payments. Now, the company holds an influential place in the commerce sector.


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Square Inc. mobile commerce paymentsGun-owners criticize Square’s misguided approach

Many gun-owners have spoken out against Square’s new stance on firearms, with the U.S. Sportsman’s Alliance urging consumers to inform Square of its “misguided” approach to guns and ammunition. Though Square may not be likely to change its terms of service yet again, the company is shedding some light on an issue that has yet to gain significant attention in the mobile commerce field: Regulation.

Square takes steps to regulate mobile commerce and mitigate liability

Like other forms of commerce, mobile payments are regulated by financial service firms and the various government restrictions that exist in any given country. Most financial service firms do, indeed, restrict the way consumers can use money, but this is primarily concerning practices such as the purchase of illicit substances. Mobile commerce is relatively new and has managed to skirt such regulations is some cases. Companies like Square, which hold a significant degree of liability when it comes to handling consumers financial information, may soon take bolder steps in limiting their own exposure to risks in an attempt to avoid the problems that exist in the still dubiously regulated world of mobile commerce.

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