Mobile commerce has grown 24 percent in a year

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By online Markerter Guru, Jason Fladlien

The data from a recent survey has revealed that spending is increasing rapidly over smartphones and tablets.

According to the results of a recent study, consumers continue to love everything about their mobile devices and are using them on an increasing basis as a part of their overall shopping experiences through mobile commerce.

Consumers are using their smartphones to help them to interact with their favorite retailers.

This, according to a mobile commerce report that was recently released in a partnership between the Partnering Group and comScore. What it revealed was that 55 percent of all time spent online on retail had originated from a smartphone device, compared with only 45 percent stemming from a desktop or laptop device.

Mobile Commerce trendsIn June 2013, mobile commerce from smartphones made up 44 percent of the time spent on retailer sites.

This was a considerable increase over the same month two years before. In June 2010, smartphone mobile commerce time at retailer sites had made up only 17 percent of the time. In terms of the time originating from tablets, it accounted for 11 percent of the total minutes spent on retail sites in June of this year.


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During this year’s second quarter, the mobile commerce dollar figure reached $4.7 billion, which was the equivalent to 8.6 percent of the total online shipping dollars that were spent in that quarter in the United States. Furthermore, when the second quarter from last year is compared to that of this year, smartphone and tablet based shopping rose by 24 percent, compared to the growth of 16 percent that was experienced to online shopping as a whole.

According to Vicki Cantrell, the executive director of, which released the data when it was first unveiled, “Since U.S. consumers now spend more than half of their time on retailers’ websites using their smartphones and tablets, mobile can’t be viewed simply as an ancillary device or action, it now epitomizes how consumers think and act when they interact with retailers.” She added that retailers must continue their investment into mobile commerce to make sure that they get it right over that channel, or they will increase their risk of alienating their customers.

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