Mobile commerce is growing and so should security

Mobile Commerce Security

Editorial – Mobile commerce and security should go hand-in-hand

Mobile technology has become an integral part of society. People around the world are using their smartphones and tablets to connect to one another in a dynamic way. These devices are also being used by people to connect with businesses, creating new ways to shop and purchase products. The advent of mobile technology has led to the emergence of mobile commerce. While mobile commerce has been met with favor from people the world over, it is not a paradise free from threat and risk.

Mobile commerce is a term that is often used to refer to payments sent by a mobile device. The term does have a wider meaning, however, as it is meant to encompass a variety of mobile activities. Mobile commerce also encompasses shopping online via a smartphone or tablet. The term can also be used to describe the management of funds. In the most basic sense, mobile commerce has to do with just about anything related to money and mobile technology.

Mobile commerce is attractive to hackers

The allure of mobile commerce has proven powerful for many people, but the mobile commerce space in not only inhabited by mild-manner individuals and businesses. Hackers have begun to flock to the mobile space, many of whom hope to exploit the wealth of financial information that remains largely unguarded therein. Security is currently only of the most significant challenges facing the mobile commerce realm and the burden lies on consumers as much as it does on businesses to mitigate the risk that malicious parties represent.

Malicious parties are finding ways to exploit the weaknesses of common mobile commerce platforms. Many of these platforms rely on NFC technology, which is used to transmit digital information over very short distances. Hackers can use simple devices designed to interceptMobile Commerce Security the signals sent out by NFC-based platforms, thereby gaining access to financial information that could be used for monetary gain. Other platforms that do not use NFC technology are still susceptible to exploitation through various methods, such as viruses and brute force hacking.


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Security should not be ignored

While businesses and commerce firms have been working on improving the security of the services they offer, consumers are beginning to feel the need to protect themselves more adequately. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways that they can do so and most of the protection tools available to people come in the form of mobile applications. Company’s like McAfee have been in the security business for years and are well acclimated to the risks that exist in the digital world. These companies offer mobile security applications that can guard against viruses and other threats. Some of these applications are designed to protect against malicious QR codes, determining whether a code is safe to use before it is actually accessed. Others are meant to encrypt financial information, making it difficult for hackers to access. Some applications are only designed to protect against modest viruses or backup data. When looking for the best protection, research counts above all else as it will help you find the application that best suits your needs.

Mobile commerce isn’t going to disappear any time soon, and neither are the threats that have come to the digital world. As mobile technology continues to play a more vital role in the lives of people everywhere, security should become a major priority for all people. Without adequate security, even a hacker of modest talent can cause catastrophic financial harm to an individual.

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