Mobile commerce gains momentum in India

India Mobile Commerce

India Mobile Commerce

Yeldi Softcom introduces araeTap mobile application

Yeldi Softcom, a subsidiary of the Yeldi Group that focuses on the development of telecommunications technology, has launched a new NFC application called araeTap that is meant to help grow the mobile commerce industry in India. Mobile commerce has been growing in popularity in the country as the availability of NFC-enabled mobile devices expands. Yeldi Softcom believes that the time is right to introduce new NFC applications in order take advantage of the growing interest surrounding mobile commerce.

Company expects to see success in the Indian market

Consumers will be able to use the araeTap application to make purchases of goods and services without the use of physical currency. Yeldi Softcom CEO Lakshmi Deepa believes that the application could be met with a great deal of success in the Indian market. This is due to the high level of mobile activity seen in the market. Mobile technology has managed to catch the interest of a broad demographic in the country, which has only spurred further favor of the concept of mobile commerce.


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Mobile commerce continues to prove a popular concept amongst consumers

Mobile commerce is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Most major technology, telecommunications, and financial organizations are developing NFC applications and payment systems in order to meet the growing demand behind mobile commerce. Consumers’ interest in the industry received a kickstart from Google when the technology company announced the launch of its Wallet mobile application. Like the Google Walllet, araeTap can be used to make purchases using nothing more than a mobile device.

NFC application expected to be launched within six months

Yeldi Softcom estimates that the NFC application will be released within the next six months. The company has plans to assist in the adoption of NFC technology amongst merchants in India in order to better facilitate mobile payments.

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