Mobile commerce for holiday shopping getting revved up at many retailers

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Holiday Shopping for Mobile Commerce

Sears and Kmart have announced new mobile point of sale in-store efforts.

Two more major players have joined the wave of retailers that are implementing in-store mobile commerce programs, as Sears and Kmart have equipped their associates with tablets and point of sale devices to help get the stores ready for the holiday shopping season.

A growing number of mass merchants are making a similar effort to help beat long in-store lineups.

The store associates will also be able to use their mobile devices for additional mobile commerce efforts, such as assisting customers as they navigate the experience provided in-store.

Retailers are accepting that mcommerce is a vital part of their survival in this critical shopping season.

According to the Sears Holdings vice president of integrated retail solutions and technology, Rafeh Masood, “We are focused on becoming the leader in integrated retail and a key component of that is the continued pursuit of innovation for our customers and creating the best possible shopping experience, regardless of how customers choose to shop with us.”

He added that these new tablets can be used as mcommerce point of sale devices in order to help customers to achieve an enhanced experience, making it easier to make their decisions and checkout with confidence. Furthermore, he stated that the technology will help the entire purchasing process to be accomplished much more rapidly, to reduce the long lineups that have become synonymous with the busy holiday shopping season.

Both Sears and Kmart are subsidiaries that are owned in their entireties by Sears Holdings Corp. The mobile commerce checkout feature will be available at 360 of the corporation’s stores, allowing employees of the stores to become points of sale at any location in the store. They will be using either iPads or iPod Touch devices in order to provide customers with this service.

This will reduce the need for customers to stand in line, as they will be able to checkout wherever they find an employee with one of the mcommerce POS devices. These purchases offer the customer a choice between receiving a printed receipt, or they can go paperless and have the receipt emailed to them.

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