Mobile commerce focus placed on Android and iOS

Apple vs Android mobile marketing

iphone vs Android mobile commerceA survey has shown that there has been a push by developers to focus on those two operating systems.

According to a survey that was conducted jointly by IDC and Appcelerator, developers have been maintaining a focus on Android and iOS as the industry continues to take bigger steps into mobile commerce.

These two companies are now anticipating a massive explosion of the channel.

Based on their survey results, the companies feel that mobile commerce is not only set to take off, but that it will transform the way that retail business currently operates. The study was performed based on the fourth quarter of this year. It involved the participation of 3,000 mobile developers.

They found that most felt that mobile commerce will become pervasive in the life of the consumer.

The participants felt the same way about mobile commerce within enterprise investments. Moreover, beyond the penetration of the devices, developers have also expressed that they feel that it will be the consumers who considerably alter their shopping behaviors as more mcommerce websites and smartphone payment options become available.

The survey also predicted that there will be an increase in the development across a multitude of different operating systems. That said, the primary interest of developers remains in the Android and iOS platforms, which are the most powerful and stable at the moment.

As new products were introduced in the fourth quarter, and additional devices, such as the Amazon Kindle, iPad mini, Samsung Galaxy S III, and the iPhone 5, have become more successful, the interest from developers has only solidified. In fact, when compared to the last quarter, the interest has remain relatively the same since the previous quarter, said the survey results.

Almost 88 percent of developers feel that they will be working on two or more operating systems within the 12 months that followed the survey. This was a notable increase over the figure in the last quarter, which was only 69 percent. They anticipate that they will be placing a great deal of focus on mobile commerce apps, as 49 percent have stated that they intend to build applications for two operating systems, while 39 percent have said that they will be building them for three or more.

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