Mobile commerce firm announces support for Apple Pay

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Spindle has announced that it will be supporting the Apple Pay service

Apple Pay is still a new mobile commerce service, but it has already attracted strong support from financial organizations and retailers throughout the world. Spindle, a leading provider of mobile payments solutions, is the latest to throw its support behind the new platform. Spindle’s Yowza!! cloud-based point-of-sale system will be able to support mobile payments being made from the Apple Pay service. This will allow a wider range of merchants to support payments being made from the new iPhone 6.

Apple expected to cause a major shift in the mobile payments space

The new Apple Pay service has sent rippled through the mobile commerce field. Many had expected Apple to finally enter the mobile payments space at some point, but the unveiling of the company’s new service was somewhat of a surprise to most. The service uses NFC technology to make mobile transactions possible, but it will only work with the iPhone 6. The new device’s NFC chip is also designed to only work with Apple Pay, which has served as encouragement for merchants that are interested in tapping into the iOS consumer base.


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Spindle’s Yowza!! platform leverages cloud computing to help merchants engage with consumers more effectively

Apple mobile commerce platform paymentsSpindle has established a strong position in the mobile commerce field through its supply of mobile point-of-sale systems. These systems have helped enabled merchants to engage with mobile consumers. The company’s Yowza!! platform has become particularly popular with merchants because it is based on a cloud computing network. This allows Spindle to integrate a wide range of new technologies and features into the platform, which can help with consumer engagement.

Demand for mobile commerce services continues to rise

Mobile commerce continues to grow in popularity among consumers and the demand for comprehensive payment services is on the rise. As retailers begin to respond to this demand, they are turning to companies like Spindle and Apple for aid. These companies are offering payment platforms that can effectively engage mobile consumers, allowing retailers to take advantage of the prospects of mobile commerce.

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