Mobile commerce finding favor with women in the UK

Mobile Commerce

Mobile Commerce

Report shows that women play a significant role in the mobile industry

A new report from OgilvyAction, a global bran activation network, shows that mobile commerce is beginning to take off amongst female consumers. Traditionally, males have dominated the mobile behavior space, especially in the mobile commerce sector. Past studies have shown this to be the case, with many men claiming that mobile commerce was a more feasible way to make payments for goods and services. OgilvyAction’s recent study shows that this mentality is not exclusive to males.

Women outnumber men in terms of mobile commerce and shopping

According to a study of over 1,000 female consumers in the United Kingdom, 56% of women own a smart phone, compared to the 51% of men who own such a mobile device. The study shows that women prefer the BlackBerry platform due to its functionality and affordability. These women are also more likely to make purchases only using their mobile device, something that many men have yet to become comfortable with doing. The study also shows that women are more apt to make use of mobile websites rather than applications. This does not mean that this demographic avoids the app market completely, however, as many female consumers make use of applications more so than their male counterparts.

Companies beginning to pay more attention to a dominant demographic

The study suggests that the mobile industry may not be as mobile-dominated as previously thought. With smart phone penetration high amongst female consumers, companies are beginning to take steps to be more accommodating of the needs of these consumers. In terms of mobile commerce, this means that more services designed to appeal to women are being developed. The report suggests that mobile commerce simply appeals to the very straightforward wants of female consumers.

Findings may add momentum to mobile commerce initiatives

Though OgilvyAction’s report is focused on the UK market, similar trends may exist around the world. In the UK, the report could serve as an adequate break in the stereotypes that are abundant in the world of technology. The company’s findings could add some momentum to mobile commerce efforts that are primarily focused on engaging female consumers.

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