Mobile commerce benefits from 4G availability

mobile commerce shopping

The increasing adoption of this high speed tech is encouraging consumers to shop and browse more over smartphones.

A recently released report from the United Kingdom has now revealed that as high speed 4G technology achieves greater adoption rates, mobile commerce has also been increasing in its appeal and popularity, as users with faster internet on their smartphones brows and shop more while they’re on the go.

The added connection speed gives mcommerce the ability to provide a much more engaging experience.

The report was based on a research survey that was conducted by eDigitalResearch and IMRG, with the participation of 2,000 consumers in the United Kingdom. What they found was the individuals who had access to a 4G connection had a greater likelihood of purchasing a more items using mobile commerce over their smartphones than those who use slower connection speeds.

The proportion of 4G users who shop over mobile commerce is notably higher than those with slower speeds.

mobile commerce shoppingThe research showed that among 4G users, 68 percent said that their speedier internet connections played an important role in encouraging them to start to shop over their smartphones. Furthermore, over 54 percent of the respondents with 4G had shopped online at some point. Comparatively, only 32 percent of smartphone users without 4G had shopped online using their smartphone at some point.

Furthermore, access to 4G also gave users an added push to browse and research products more frequently and actively. What the research discovered was that 70 percent of 4G users had browsed online using their mobile devices. Among non-4G users, that figure was considerably lower, at only 48 percent.

What’s more, 31 percent of all of the respondents to this survey stated that they felt that there were more advantages to 4G than disadvantages. This figure was 69 percent higher among the respondents who had actually used the technology, themselves.

When speaking about the difference that this makes to mobile commerce, the eDigitalResearch commercial director, Derek Eccleston, said that “These results demonstrate that the technology is likely to have a real impact on our shopping and browsing habits as UK networks charge ahead with their planned roll out to more locations and more users.”

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