Mobile commerce available in vending machines in the US

Isis and USA technologies work together to make cashless payments for the purchases.

USA Technologies, Inc., a leader in the cashless, wireless payment solutions industry for small purchase self service retail, has announced that it has paired up with the Isis mobile wallet in order to give consumers a smartphone transaction option when making purchases from vending machines.

The service will be available in 7,500 vending machines in Salt Lake City and Austin.

This new mobile commerce option is being powered by ePort NFC technology from USAT, in addition to the ePort Connect service. The purpose is to simplify the process of making purchases from vending machines by eliminating the need for exact change. With the Isis wallet feature, users simply need to tap their phones against the machines’ reader areas to pay for the product.

It is hoped that this will help to boost the use of this form of mobile commerce transaction.

According to the USA Technologies chief executive officer and chairman, Stephen P. Herbert, “Our work with Isis is a great example of how we are executing our comprehensive mobile payments strategy, including leveraging USAT’s growing footprint of NFC enabled touch points to bring more value to our customers.”


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Herbert went on to say that the company also feels that the partnership with Isis will provide the vending machine companies within the two cities with a “clear message”, which is that adoption cashless technology can provide a “tremendous opportunity”.

Those two cities are already the first two to have the Isis Mobile Wallet technology available to them. They were also the launch sites for the first wave of Google Wallet. Until now, the adoption by consumers of this mobile commerce technology has been exceptionally limited. There are a number of factors that have been identified as hurdles in the way of mass acceptance.

These have included everything from concerns over security to the limited penetration of devices that have the NFC technology required to use the mobile commerce payments. In order to use the service, consumers must have smartphones that are near field communications enabled. They must also have created a digital wallet through Isis.

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