Mobile commerce audience in Europe is expanding

mobile commerce participation

Mobile commerce shows signs of growth throughout Europe

Mobile commerce is beginning to show signs of healthy growth throughout Europe. Many consumers in Europe have become heavily reliant on their smartphones and tablets, and these devices play a significant role in their daily lives. A new report from leading research firm comScore shows that the European mobile retail audience is showing signs of exponential growth as consumers begin to look for more efficient alternatives to traditional payment platforms.

comScore sheds light on promising trends

According to comScore, the European mobile retail audience has grown by 43% from May to August of this year, reaching 31 million. The firm reports that 20% of all smartphone users in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom now participate in mobile commerce in some way. Spain and Italy have seen the highest growth in terms of mobile shoppers, partly due to the innovative mobile commerce initiatives that have come to those countries.

mobile commerce participationOnline traffic is on the rise

Traffic to online retail sites has been growing significantly over the past year, but what consumers are doing when they get to these sites has become a topic of interest within the retail industry. According to comScore, some 14% of smartphone users made a purchase from their mobile device while visiting retail sites in August. Others are using their devices simply to research products that they may be interested in or compare the prices offered for such products. Currently, the most popular items for mobile shoppers throughout Europe are clothing and accessories.

Tech-savvy consumers show strong favor for mobile commerce

Mobile commerce has been gaining popularity throughout Europe largely due to the prevalence of tech-savvy consumers. These consumers tend to be somewhat young and interested in new ways of purchasing products. Because mobile devices have played a significant role in the lives of these consumers for some time, they are already relatively comfortable with the concept of mobile commerce and spending money online.

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