Mobile commerce apps used by 56 percent of American smartphone owners

mobile commerce

mobile commerceNewly released data has shown that these applications are very popular and some stand out as leaders.

According to a study conducted by Arbitron Mobile, an Arbitron Inc. subsidiary, well over half of all American smartphone owners have mobile commerce apps on their devices, and they spend a good amount of time using those applications every month.

The researchers used on-device software meters in conjunction with their panel of smartphone owners.

What they determined, based on the behaviors of the participants, is that among smartphone owners in the United States, 55.9 percent used mobile commerce apps in March 2013. They used those apps an average of 30.8 times every month. Each month, they spent an average of 91.0 minutes using those applications.

They also determined that mobile commerce apps are popular among smartphone owners in the U.K.

In fact, the results in the United Kingdom showed that 66.8 percent of smartphone users had mobile commerce apps. In March, those consumers used the apps an average of 54.5 times and spent an average of 134.8 minutes using them.

In Europe, 57.6 percent of German smartphone owners had mobile commerce apps on their devices that month, using them an average of 32.1 times and spending 74.3 minutes using them, on average. In France, 52.5 percent of the device owners had the apps, using them an average of 23.9 times for an average of 56.1 minutes.

The participants in the Arbitron mobile commerce study were made up of approximately 12,400 people in the United States, 6,700 people in the United Kingdom, 4,000 people in Germany, and 4,000 people in France.

The most popular mobile commerce applications were found to be from eBay, Amazon, and Groupon. In the United States, 17.1 percent of smartphone owners had the eBay app, using it an average of 30.2 times per month for an average of 94.2 minutes. The Amazon app was on 13.5 percent of the smartphones, having been used an average of 9.6 times per month for 37.5 minutes. Furthermore 10.9 percent had the Groupon app, which was used 8.7 times for an average total of 22.7 minutes.

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