Mobile commerce app by LevelUp provides consumers with much more than food

LevelUp Mobile Payments with QR Codes

LevelUp Mobile Payments with QR Codes

Al’s Café, a Boston chain, is now using smartphone applications to engage customers.

The owner of the Al’s Café sandwich shops, Al Costello, is known for his efforts to stay ahead of the conveniences offered by his competitors, and his latest service includes a mobile commerce app that allows customers to quickly and easily pay for their food with their smartphones and tablets.

The application allows customers to buy anything from sandwiches to soups without their payment cards.

All the customers need to do is use their Apple or Android devices to scan a QR code in order to be able to download the LevelUp app. From there, they enter some basic information and the card number with which they want to pay for future purchases. Whenever they shop at Al’s Café, or any of the other companies across the country that use the LevelUp app, for their mobile commerce, they can make their purchases by simply setting the device down on the LevelUp terminal. It will read the necessary information and send the electronic receipt for the purchase.

This type of highly convenient mobile commerce experience is growing in popularity worldwide.

According to Costello “People love using their phones for everything, especially the younger generation.” This app has been used in the Al’s Café locations for about six months and is proving to be extremely popular. Costello added that “It’s convenient for them. They don’t have to take their credit cards out. Everyone has their phone in their hand.”

This experience aligns very well with that of other companies across the country. The Stop & Shop grocery chain location in Quincy, Massachusetts has been using its Scan It! mobile commerce application since 2011. It gave smartphone using customers the ability to scan the items they wanted to purchase as they took them from the shelves and placed them into their cart. Then, when they reach the checkout counter, they simply scan a barcode with their device and the order is automatically submitted to the cashier so that payment can be made and loyalty points can be collected.

Apps and mobile commerce are being embraced by smartphone and tablet users everywhere, and it won’t be long before their use will be entirely second nature.

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