Mobile commerce and social solutions remain nonexistent for 32 percent

M-Commerce Industry

Mobile Commerce Industry

Almost one third of companies still have not included them among their strategies.

The results of a new mobile commerce study conducted by CloudSense has shown that only 55 percent of firms have put a smartphone, tablet, or social strategy into place, and 13 percent have no intentions of taking part in either of these efforts.

The report on the findings showed that these companies often lose important revenue opportunities.

According to the CloudSense managing director, Richard Britton, “Our findings show that many businesses are already missing out on revenue because they do not have mobile and social commerce solutions in place, and without action the gap between them and their competitors is only going to grow.”

Britton explained that some companies feel that these technologies have not yet reached a level of maturity that is adequate enough to justify the cost of their implementation. However, he also stated that “the hard reality is that their competitors are already making profit from these channels.”

Forward thinking brands use mobile commerce for a multi-channel approach to leap ahead of their competition.

It enables these companies to significantly increase their sales and therefore grow their revenues. Failing to put this technology in place will only build on the size of the barrier that will be in the way of achieving these successes.

The CloudSense study report also indicated that these mobile commerce technologies are now coming of age, so it increasingly important that these brands make a priority of catching up if they don’t want their competition to leave them behind.

The participants in the survey were asked to respond regarding the benefits of using a multi-channel approach. Their responses showed that 40 percent felt that it would allow them to improve their customer experience. Thirty one percent believe their total sales would be increased. Another 29 percent felt that it would allow them to enjoy a single customer view.

With these statistics in mind, it is clear that brands are beginning to recognize the benefits and the rising importance of mobile commerce and providing consumers with a multi-channel approach. What has yet to be seen is how many will actually implement them before it is too late.

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