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Mobile Commerce NewsAfter observing data over the last consecutive quarters, it is clear that money will be directed to smartphone shopping.

Following the release of data from The Search Agency, the report on the topic suggests that there will be an increase in mobile commerce spending as retail and search experience a considerable push over that channel.

The study showed that there has been strong growth in every sector throughout this year’s first quarter.

The data that was released in the report indicated that, year over year, the mobile commerce spending for marketing alone over that channel increased by 68 percent for smartphones and 100 percent for tablets. Moreover when it came to the activities of actual shoppers, the click volume had increased by 86 percent when compared to the year before.

The researchers feel that this is a strong indicator that mobile commerce will continue with considerable growth.

Historically, first quarter results are typically quite weak as this is the quarter in which consumers tend to place their strongest focus on paying off their credit card debts after spending over the holiday season. However, the data from The Search Agency indicated that the smartphone mobile commerce retail click share still managed to increase by 80 percent over the year before, and 70 percent over the previous quarter.


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When it came to mobile commerce activity over tablets, the report showed that there was a click share increase of 70 percent year over year, and a smaller – but still notable – 13 percent increase over the previous quarter. The retail sector held the strongest click share among all of the different verticals.

According to The Search Agency vice president of agency products, Keith Wilson, “2012 was a strong year for search advertising, and mobile and tablets helped drive this growth exponentially. Bing has been ferociously working to grab market share from Google, particularly battling it out on tablet devices.”

Wilson also pointed out that the data indicated that tablets are still playing a considerable role in mobile commerce, as consumers increasingly use those devices to research products, comparison shop, and actually make their final purchases.

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