Mobile commerce adoption to increase by 73 percent in the Netherlands

Mobile commerce Trends

Mobile commerce Trends This indicator means that the number of users will have risen to 1.7 million, last year.

The revenues generated through mobile commerce in the Netherlands increased in the second half of 2012, to bring them to €310 million, which represents a considerable level of growth.

This, according to the latest results that were issued by a market monitoring firm.

The mobile commerce Monitor released by Thuiswinkel for 2012-2 revealed these statistics. This has shown that over 2012, the country saw a sizeable amount of growth in the number of consumers who are using their smartphones and tablets to make purchases online.

In fact, the research indicated that this number of mobile commerce users rose to 1.7 million.

That represents an increase of 73 percent over the number of mobile commerce users from a year before. The smartphone shoppers placed an estimated 5.5 million total orders for services and products using those devices or tablets. This makes up approximately 12 percent of the total number of orders that were made online.

For the complete 2012 year, mobile commerce revenues rose to reach €560 million. This represented approximately 6 percent of all of the consumer spending that occurred online, which reached €9.8 billion, last year. Among the 1.7 million recorded smartphone and tablet shoppers, there were an estimated 1.4 million physical products and services that were purchased over those two devices, while the remainder of the orders made were for downloadable products (such as movies and music) and apps.

The Thuiswinkel study identified the sectors in which mobile commerce was used the most frequently. According to their statistics, 34 percent of purchases were for apparel, 24 percent were for books, 24 percent were for sporting goods, 17 percent were for personal care products, and 16 percent were for computer hardware.

Among services, the most popular category for mobile commerce was ordering tickets for music, film, and sports. This category made up 14 percent of the total.

It is clear that mobile commerce is taking off in the Netherlands, and this is causing a growing number of retailers to start to pay attention to the importance of the channel.

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