Mobile commerce adoption sluggish among SME retailers

Mobile Commerce

Mobile Commerce

Report shows that SME retailers are slow to incorporate mobile commerce systems

A new report from OnePoll, a survey-led market research company, shows that small market enterprise (SME) retailers are showing sluggish progress in their adoption of NFC-based mobile commerce services. Demand for mobile commerce has been growing amongst consumers, who have shown a great deal of interest in using their mobile devices to make purchases for goods and services. Mobile commerce is often considered to be a more convenient form of commerce, removing the need for physical currency and contact-based payment systems.

Retail industry begins to use NFC technology for commerce rather than marketing

Mobile commerce has long relied on NFC technology to be possible. The technology is somewhat popular in the retail industry, but is most often used in the field of marketing. Some retailers are beginning to invest in the technology for its uses in mobile commerce. These retailers have adopted and installed NFC-enabled payment terminals that are capable of facilitating mobile payments coming from consumers.

Report indicates that retailers are disinclined to use mobile commerce systems

According to the OnePoll report, approximately 89% of SME retailers believe mobile commerce is essential to the procurement of new business. These retailers also noted that they expect to see mobile commerce sales would grow by a third within the next five years. Despite the large number of retailers that have high hopes for mobile commerce, the report shows only 24% of them have adopted mobile commerce systems of any kind.

Consumers may find conventional mobile commerce systems problematic

Retailers that have been avoiding these new commerce systems believe that they present too much of a challenge to consumers who are unfamiliar with mobile technology. The report sheds some light on this notion, indicating that 79% of consumers who have used mobile commerce and shopping systems found their experience to be cumbersome and unappealing. Despite this, however, the notion of using a mobile device to make a transaction remains an attractive option for these consumers, as long as the commerce systems used are not challenging.

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