Mobile campaigns for Mothers Day gifts

Mothers Day Gifts

Mothers Day Gifts

This year, there are a record number of smartphone opportunities for Mothers Day gifts.

Mothers Day gifts have become even more convenient, this year, through a number of different mobile commerce campaigns specifically targeted toward moms and the people who shop to buy presents for them.

Among these unique new smartphone and tablet shopping opportunities are those from DropWallet and Michael Kors.

DropWallet has launched a free application for iPhone users, called the Mothers Day Gift Guide, by Real Simple, which contains in-app shopping experience with a universal shopping cart for cross-brand shopping support. It includes 50 useful and unique ideas for presents that can be purchased for mom. Soon it will be releasing a similar app for Father’s Day and one with a graduation theme.

Another attractive feature of this app is that it provides the user with the ability to use in-app purchases to benefit the imbornto March of Dimes campaign. They also have the opportunity to donate any amount that they want directly to the charity.


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The What She Wants campaign from Michael Kors works through the mobile Facebook app and allows consumers to enter a contest to win Mothers Day gifts every day until May 13, 2012. It is designed to help last-minute shoppers to be able to find the perfect presents, even though they didn’t give themselves very much time before the holiday.

The Michael Kors mobile commerce campaign is specifically targeting affluent daughters shopping for their moms.

It is also designed to reach out to consumers who enjoy luxury and would like the opportunity to win different products. These consumers are able to win one item each day from May 1 to 13. The item will have been selected from the brand’s summer collection by Mr. Kors.

This is the first time that the brand has used the mobile channel through a mobile compatible Facebook app. They believe it increases their opportunity for reaching a broader audience that is always on the go. The various items that are featured in the contest have options both for entering to win as well as direct links to the mobile commerce website of the brand, where they can be purchased online.


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