MIT Lab researchers have high hopes for augmented reality

Augmented Reality contect lens (not actual device)

Augmented reality could transform physical objects

A team of researchers from the MIT Media Lab has plans to transform physical objects with the use of augmented reality. On the surface, the endeavor may not seem innovative in any way, but the team, which represents the MIT Media Lab Fluid Interface Group, suggests that physical objects can be reprogrammed using a simple augmented reality system. Such a system could change the features of seemingly simple objects, such as radios.

Researchers develop system that can reprogram physical objects

Augmented reality is often considered an entertainment tool for the masses. Researchers from MIT Lab believe that the technology’s capabilities extend well beyond the realm of entertainment. The team is working on developing an augmented reality system that can be connected to physical objects. These objects could be built with their own processors and would be allowed to connect to a server through which they would receive orders from the augmented reality system. The system itself can be accessed through a mobile device, where a user can tweak the various features of a physical object in order to create something new.


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Augmented Reality TechnologyThe system allows for objects to be customized by the user

The system will not allow a radio to become a television, of course, but it will allow users to reprogram the kind of music they can listen to through the radio. They would also be able to control the volume level and similar aspects using nothing more than an augmented reality interface. The system is not meant to entirely replace physical control mechanisms, like the dials on a radio, but it does allow for more customization of these objects.

Possibilities continue to grow for augmented reality

Augmented reality is quickly breaking the convention that it is nothing more than an entertainment technology. The practical uses of augmented reality are becoming more apparent, especially as researchers continue to experiment with the capabilities of the technology. MIT Lab has shown that the technology may not only change the way people see the world around them, but also how they interact with objects in that world.

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