Microsoft working on new augmented reality project

Scene from Minority Report the Movie - Perceptual Computing concept

Scene from Minority Report the Movie

Patent application released to the public, details new project from Microsoft

The U.S. Patent & Trademark Office has published an application from Microsoft that was filed in February this year. The application details the company’s efforts to developer a new augmented reality computing system that is reminiscent of a portable desktop. The company has been showing a great deal of interest in augmented reality technology recently, looking to develop new mobile devices and other electronics that make use of the interactive technology. The application shows that the company’s latest project is decidedly futuristic in design, mimicking technology that is seen in the movie “Minority Report.”

Microsoft developing high-tech portable computer system

According to Microsoft’s application, the company is developing a portable desktop computer with a transparent, 3D display. The company showed off the design for such a system in February, though its capabilities were somewhat limited at the time. The application notes that users of the system will be able to browse through files and initiate applications with simple gestures. The device will be equipped with motion sensors that will track a user’s hand and head movements, which will be used for navigating its augmented reality systems.


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System to come in variety of configurations

The application describes various configurations for the computer system. One such configuration would be more akin to a conventional laptop – featuring a display screen and a keyboard. More advanced configurations include the transparent, 3D display with a virtual keyboard or touchpad. These configurations would be available at different price ranges, but all would include augmented reality technology, though the extent to which the technology is used would differ depending on the configuration of the system.

Details scarce, but system could be similar to other augmented reality devices

The transparent display would allow the digital images to be superimposed on real world environments. Microsoft has showcased this feature, but the company has yet to detail the specifics concerning the new system. If other augmented reality systems can be used as a benchmark, Microsoft’s new project would like allow consumers to interact with the physical world in a digital way and could enable them to find information on various subjects by simply pointing the device at an object.

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