Microsoft version of QR decorative codes – Hit or Miss?


There are definite pros and cons to the new Microsoft tag, their version of the two dimensional QR codes.

As you can see, on the surface, the difference and where they excel, is their pretty colors and ability to produce different images. First released in 2009, these tags have fallen short of some critics expectations, but there still maybe more love for them down the road.

Many experts state that generating a free, although plain, black and white code is better due to the fact that it’s not a service –it’s a specification and no one can take it away. You also don’t have to worry about things like their servers going down, a monetary amount all of sudden being applied or them revoking your code. Let’s face it, if you’re putting hard earned advertising money into branding your unique code then you’ve become a slave to the entity that owns it.

Also, consider this when picking between the original and the tag…Microsoft QR Code

if the user doesn’t have internet access your message could fall flat. Since the tag is managed by Microsoft, their reader can’t function without connection due to it’s an indirect code. This can occur with the qr code too but only if pointed to a website, of course, that’s because you don’t have a internet connection to begin with. But if your message is a phone number or an email this info will still load up in your phone nicely – tag not so nicely.


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On the plus side, having a brand that’s just a little different along with your company logo, makes for an eye catching ad that will beat out your competition…at least for a little while. Although this is cool, you might want to take into consideration that color codes command higher printing charges too.

But there’s still one thing that stands out that business owners are going to want to hear…the Microsoft tag has a backend management system! Using a cloud-base background provides them with the capability of collecting data you just can’t get anywhere, such as reporting on how frequently and where your Tags are being scanned. This can come in handy when monitoring your marketing funds. Also, the tag system allows you to change your URL and/or information easily.

So there it is folks, now it’s your turn to decide which code will stand the test of time!

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