Microsoft unveils its first “social search” network

Microsoft Social Networking

Microsoft Social Networking

When compared to the competition last week, the launch of was quite low key.

Last week, Facebook stepped loudly into the searching sector of social media while Google continued its fight to remain in the game at all with its Google+, causing very few to take notice of the virtually silent release of by Microsoft.

The company calls its new release a tool for meeting people with similar interests and sharing information.

At the same time, it made it quite clear that it has no intentions of trying to use this platform as a form of competition with Facebook. According to an email it distributed, Microsoft said that “ is an experimental research project focused on the future of social experiences and learning, especially among younger people.”

Its initial launch occurred last year among students at a small number of universities and colleges. Last week, it subtly opened itself up to beta testing by anyone in the public.

One of the primary (which is pronounced “social”) features include a “bookmarklet” option that is comparable to the “like” button at Facebook. It allows its users to share the pages or websites that they consider to be interesting so that others can view them. Users can also tag, share, or comment on the posts made by others.

One of the more unique features of is its “video party”, which lets users post videos in the threads.

This new Microsoft social media search tool was created by its FUSE Labs, which combine development teams and product research to create new useful and relevant offerings.

Users of can create and build upon posts with a number of other forms of content, including text, but also video, photos, and more, which can all be shared. They can then find other people on the network who have similar interests. From there, digital communities can be build around specific purposes, which can be informational or otherwise.

The researchers who took part in the creation of this social media search network chose the student audience on purpose for the initial launch, focusing on a more holistic group, as opposed to one that is merely technical.


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