Mhealth program in Thailand uses app to collect medical data


mhealthThis application will provide health data to a hospital and university for better and more accurate understanding.

Saraphi Hospital and Chiang Mai University (CMU) in Chiang Mai, Thailand, have developed an mhealth app that is designed to provide users with a survey that will allow those health organizations to gather and digitize medical data from the residents of the district.

The application is called “Saraphi Health”, which is a central element of a three year project.

The application and the mhealth project of which it is a critical element, receives its funding from the Thai Health Promotion Foundation. The purpose is to be able to build a digital archive to be used by the managers and developers of public healthcare policy so that the care services can be improved and to better the efficiency of dealing with urgent health situations.

The collaborative effort of the mhealth program is meant to completely transform the public health system.

The CMU Computer Science Development Team head, Ekkarat Boonchiang, explained that the partnership among the organizations behind the mhealth app is expected to transform the collection system for public medical data, and turn it into a system that is entirely digitized with a larger number of layers. The application and the new system is designed to improve ease of use for stakeholders who are connected to community health management, such as agencies and hospitals, as well as local governments.

The mhealth app uses both Android and iOS based smartphones and tablets, and will make it possible for raw data that has been collected from participants to be transferred directly into the central Saraphi Hospital system by way of the public cellular network.

Waraporn Boonchiang, one of the software development team members, explained that the mhealth data collector will be able to use the app to enter the data into the system while visiting people within the Saraphi district and that “The information they collect will be embedded in the location of the house, which will be plotted on a map. Then this public health information can be visualised. We can also see the houses in Google Street View.”

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