Mhealth launched by Vodacom


mhealth AfricaThis is the very latest among the company’s Mezzanineware partnership initiatives.

Vodacom Group enterprise division, Vodacom Business, has just announced the release of a series of different mhealth initiatives that it has launched alongside Mezannineware in its new partnership with that organization.

This new services program is based on a centralized cloud and mobile ecosystem.

These new Mezzanine mhealth services from Vodacom give technology and healthcare providers the ability to improve the access to their employees, assets, and clients. These services are provided through real time collection of data over secure pathways, through information processing, reporting, and management.

These mhealth services can also be utilized by third party service providers, if the company so desires.

According to Vodacom e- and mhealth executive, Marius Conradie, “By using our mHealth services our customers can enhance their service delivery, cost-efficiency and return on investment, essentially freeing up their time to focus on their core business.

The mhealth service was originally developed exclusively for the health industry, but has now been customized to be able to function across a number of different industry verticals. There are currently four different generic sets of solutions available:

• Vodacom Mezzanine Asset Management
• Vodacom Mezzanine Workforce Management
• Vodacom Mezzanine Customer Management
• Vodacom Mezzanine Assessment

Each of these services function through the Mezzanineware – previously known as GeoMed Ventures – which is well known and highly experienced for its development of mhealth, mobile, administrative decision, and clinical support system within emerging markets.

According to the managing director at Mezzanine, Jacques De Vos, this is the latest partnership between the two companies and will allow the most cutting edge mhealth services and solutions to be brought into any part of Africa. He went on to point out that there are already twelve live commercial deployments in this region which are providing a range of the various solutions available to the people and businesses there.

He also underscored the importance of a strong and stable wide reaching GSM network for any mhealth solution that intends to be successful. De Vos said that while his company remains network agnostic, the local Vodacom partnership will allow health providers there improve their cost effectiveness in several areas.

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