Mhealth Alliance headquarters is moving to South Africa

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This change in location is meant to help the organization to boost its projects in sub-Saharan Africa.

The mHealth Alliance, a global organization that helps to promote mobile health solutions in areas that stand to benefit from it the most, has recently announced that it will be changing the location of its headquarters to South Africa.

Until now, the group has always called the United States home.

The intention is to change its base in the United States, where it is currently situated with the United Nations Foundation, to South Africa, where the Praekelt Foundation is headquartered. This, hopes the organization, will give it the opportunity to broaden its mhealth projects from the level of the country in which much of them will be deployed.

Mhealth has been providing a means of rapidly expanding health care in regions that need it most.

mhealth program AfricaThese mobile health projects and services use various forms of devices to deliver information to patients, researchers, and practitioners, alike.

According to Patricia Mechael, the executive director of the mHealth Alliance, they are taking this step as their latest in the pursuit of their achievement of the current Millennium Development Goals. They currently have fewer than 700 days in which to reach those targets.


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She also stated that “there is [a] need for even more concerted engagement on capacity building for NGOs [non-governmental organisations], governments and private sector partners, and [building of] enabling policy environment for mHealth at the country and regional levels.”

Mechael believes that this change in location will help them to polish their strategy for taking on vital gaps in a systematic way. These holes include policy developments on a country level, as well as institutional capacity building, as well as other needs that have been spotted by that organization and the wider worldwide health community.

She stated that over the months to follow, the mHealth Alliance team and board members, the UN Foundation, and Praekelt Foundation, as well as other stakeholders in the organization will all be working together to come up with a transition plan, and to then put it into place in the new location.

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