Mercedes-Benz prepares to launch interactive contest to mark their 125th birthday

Mercedes QR Codes Campaign

Mercedes QR Code Campaign
This year marks the 125th birthday of Mercedes-Benz. Through the year, the famed automaker has developed some of the most prized vehicles in the world and has built up an almost immaculate reputation. Known for their extravagance and penchant for showing off their latest development, Mercedes-Benz will be celebrating the occasion with an interactive event. The event is called Mercedes-Benz 125! and is a race that challenges participants to find as many QR codes as they can.

The race will take place in Singapore, were 5 Mercedes-Benz vehicles have been strategically placed. Each car bears its own QR code, which players must scan in order to advance to the next event. The car company has developed a special mobile application for the iPhone, which bears the same name as the event itself. Scanning the codes with the app will keep track of a player’s score.


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The race will begin on August 28 and will run through September 18. Each week, new codes will be placed on cars throughout Singapore. The fastest contested to scan all 5 codes will win tickets to the Singapore Night Race and will be able to test drive the latest vehicles coming from the automaker for an entire weekend. The player who performs the best throughout the entirety of the race will win a trip to the Mercedes-Benz factory and museum in Germany where they will be able to enjoy VIP treatment and test some of the newest designs that have yet to be released.

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