Mercedes-Benz claims QR codes can save lives

QR Code scanning mercedes benz cars

QR codes are moving beyond marketing

QR codes are most often seen as marketing tools and have served well as such for several years. The codes were initially developed to keep track of inventory, but have evolved to become a very effective information distribution and consumer engagement tool. While QR codes are most common in the field of marketing, they have proven their usefulness in other fields as well and have now captured the attention of Mercedes-Benz.

Automaker shows strong interest in QR codes

The acclaimed automaker is no stranger to QR codes, having used the codes in past marketing campaigns. While the automaker considers these codes to be relatively useful in marketing, the company’s latest initiative with the codes does not involve any kind of advertising. Mercedes-Benz believes that QR codes could actually be something that could help save lives and has announced that it will begin incorporating the codes onto vehicles in order to aid in emergency rescues.

Mercedes-Benz vehicles to be equipped with QR codes

Current and future model vehicles from Mercedes-Benz will be affixed with QR codes. When these codes are scanned with a mobile device, they provide access to detailed vehicle schematics and other information that could assist rescue workers in saving the lives of drivers caught in catastrophic accidents. Typically, rescue workers have to wait for this information to be deliveredQR Codes cars to them before they can make any attempt to save lives. Mercedes-Benz believes that QR codes could remove the problems associated with rescue endeavors and provide workers with a way to save lives more quickly and efficiently.

Codes may find more use beyond marketing

While QR codes have been a popular marketing tool for some time, they are beginning to see a great deal of competition in the field of advertising. Newer technologies are beginning to emerge and capture the interests of consumers more effectively, a trend that is threatening to push QR codes out of marketing. The codes are versatile, however, so even if they do vacate the marketing scene, they are not likely to disappear from the world entirely.

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