Biometric medical QR code tech becomes Hague Innovators Challenge finalist

medical QR code - scanning QR code

Trust Stamp’s entry has managed to make it into the final stages from among over 60 applicants.

Trust Stamp’s entry of a biometric medical QR code technology has made it into the finalists of the ImpactCity Hague Innovators Challenge 2021.

The quick response code is applied to secure important personal medical information.

The Hague Innovators Challenge is an international program. Its purpose is to place the spotlight on innovative concepts addressing global issues. This year’s program received over 60 applications. Trust Stamp’s biometric medical QR code tech has been selected along with 7 other entries as finalists. The tech is called the Medical QR Code (MQRC) system.

The MQRC System was constructed on Trust Stamp’s own tech called the Irreversibly Transformed Identity Token (IT2). The IT2 technology applies biometrics for enabling user-controlled access, sharing, and maintenance of secured personal health data through the use of quick response barcodes.

The idea of the Medical QR Code system is to make sure health data is always with the individual.

“By combining touchless biometric verification with data-protection and portability solutions that prioritize individual needs for privacy and accessibility when managing health information, we can deliver an efficient, secure, and trusted data management framework that underpins a robust healthcare ecosystem,” explained Trust Stamp’s Transitional Projects vice president Melissa Salyk-Virk.

Trust Stamp hopes that its MQRC solution will encourage access to quality essential health services, while also improving the ease an efficiency of solutions associated with affordable medicines and vaccinations.

“The COVID-19 pandemic highlights opportunities to transform healthcare by leveraging accessible, patient-centric technologies,” added Salyk-Virk.

As a result, using the Medical QR Code system will make it possible to enhance efficient access to medical data as well as sharing it securely by way of biometrics. This could improve public health initiative potential for ongoing impact.

Trust Stamp recently launched a $5 million funding round near the start of March, for the purpose of boosting its sales and marketing strategy and to enhance its medical QR code - scanning QR codesecure digital identity IP production. The company also participated in last year’s Blue Tulip Awards program held by Accenture in the Netherlands, having won the Top Finance Innovation title.

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