Mcommerce was major driver of record breaking Cyber Monday results

cyber monday mobile commerce

Mobile mcommerce cyber MondayThe best outcome of the weekend after Black Friday is being partially credited to smartphones and tablets.

The results are coming in from Cyber Monday’s performance in 2012, and so far it has broken all previous sales records, in part because of the use of mcommerce apps and websites.

Owners of smartphones and tablets used apps and optimized websites to help with their shopping.

In fact, it was mcommerce that was considered to be a game changer this year. This is because over 18 percent of consumers who shopped on Cyber Monday used a mobile device of some kind. They used them to visit retailer websites to browse products, they comparison shopped, looked for deals and discounts, sought out coupon codes, read customer reviews, and bought products.

The increase in these mcommerce behaviors over last year was more than 70 percent.

Moreover, the number of consumers who used a tablet or smartphone to actually buy a product or service was 10.1 percent. This year’s mcommerce Cyber Monday sales nearly made it to 13 percent, which is an increase of over 96 percent when compared to last year on the same day.

Similar to last year, though, was the leadership of iPad over all of the other devices used for shopping over mcommerce. Traffic from that device reached 7 percent, when compared to 6.9 percent for iPhones, and 4.5 percent for all types of Android based device. These statistics are from the IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark.

Efforts to boost viral sharing over social media by retailers included a number of different strategies, including the ability to share a link following the completion of an mcommerce purchase. However, they were unable to achieve a tremendous response from consumers this year. Social networks drew only 0.41 percent of all of the Cyber Monday online sales. This was a drop of over 26 percent when compared to last year.

According to the IBM Smarter Commerce strategy director, Jay Henderson, who discussed the performance of mcommerce and overall online shopping based on the statistics, “Combined with retailers offering great deals and promotions, consumers are feeling good about spending this holiday season.”

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