Mcommerce to show notable growth in both eBay and PayPal

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Third quarter earnings in both giants have increased significantly over Q2.

Though the first and second quarters showed notable mcommerce achievements for eBay, this did not hold the company back from experiencing yet another important period of growth during the third.

The revenue growth seen by eBay in the first half of the fiscal year ended with a 23 percent Q2 rise.

This growth is being credited primarily to PayPal, which increased its active member base by approximately one million per month in the second quarter. The Total Payment Volume during that time increased to reach $34.5 billion. This was a year over year increase of 20 percent.

At the same time, it experienced other mcommerce increases, as well.

For example, the Marketplaces saw a gross merchandise volume rise of 15 percent, year over year. This amount does not include the impact of foreign currency or the vehicle segment.

Now, the Q3 earnings are expected on October 17, and it is anticipated that mcommerce from both eBay and PayPal will have experienced yet another boom. It should also be demonstrating how it has lengthened its lead within the overall e-commerce environment as well as in the payments space.

In the mcommerce sphere, many will be watching specifically for the reports regarding the mobile payments efforts that PayPal has been making. These have been focused on allowing small businesses to accept credit cards through the use of smartphones. In this, they have been in direct competition with Google, Intuit GoPayment, Square, and a number of others in quite a crowded space.

eBay has been continuing to concentrate on its Marketplaces improvements and has recently released its brand new logo, as well as an interface that has been fully redesigned. This overhauled site appears to have drawn its interest from the Pinterest sharing website.

The most noticeable change to the eBay mcommerce format has been its Feed, which is an element that is entirely dedicated to offering improved features for discovering products. The business has taken on a number of new start-up acquisitions in order to give that particular effort a sizeable boost.

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