Mcommerce steps up yet again with Swedish PayPal partnership

Paypal mobile payments

Paypal McommerceThe new deal with the WRapp gifting app brings mobile payments up a level in Sweden.

PayPal has announced that it has entered into a new partnership with Wrapp, which will give them the opportunity to test a social gifting service as a way to draw new Swedish users.

Wrapp is a service that allows friends to give, receive, and use mobile gift cards.

This mcommerce app also allows friends to work together to build a combined gift from several people to give to one recipient. The application works through a user’s Facebook account, which provides them with a “Celebration” tab. There, the user can browse through the friends lists or the major events. Then, he or she can select the recipient for the gift.

Retailers and merchants can use this mcommerce service to target specific groups of consumers.

The app is already being used by more than 180 different national and international retailers among eight different countries. PayPal will be starting their new promotion that will contribute $7.35 (SEK 49) to every gift card that Wrapp has to offer, when Swedish customers choose to use the mobile payments option as opposed to using a credit card.

The users must add at least $0.15 (SEK 1) to the promotional gift before being able to send it to a friend. Wrapp is, for the most part, used by large brands in order to be able to target the consumers in the demographics they want, based on their gender, age, and location. This helps them to encourage those individuals to shop both online as well as in their brick and mortar shop locations. Among some of the startup’s major partners include Gap, H&M, and more.

The Wrapp mcommerce app has also been applied for encouraging individuals within a store to try a new product. For example, McDonald’s partnered with the startup company in order to grow the awareness in Sweden about its McWrap products.

PayPal has become the first service to perform an mcommerce test for encouraging shoppers to use a payment service, in order be able to build up its user base.

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