Mcommerce purchases through apps make up less than 5 percent of online revenue

Mobile commerce shopping trends

Mcommerce shopping trendsA new report about the earnings from 2012 based on application use.

If the results of a study published in a recent report are any indication, the expense related to mcommerce apps, which are becoming increasingly popular among retailers, may not be the best possible investment that these merchants can make as they take their first large steps into mobile.

The study determined that these applications aren’t generating a large amount of revenue quite yet.

The report was created and issued by Research 2 Guidance. It examined the data from 2012. What it stated was that online stores that used mcommerce apps made less than 5 percent of their total e-commerce revenues by way of those applications. In fact, of all of the retailers that used that technique, less than one fifth actually made a notable percentage of revenue through that channel.

This may cause many companies to rethink their use of mcommerce apps now and in the future.

According to the report, only 19 percent of the companies that had mcommerce apps drew over 25 percent of their online revenue through mobile shoppers that used them. That said, the authors also claimed that they don’t feel that all is lost in that area. They seemed quite optimistic that the situation is improving and that there is still promise for the future.

The Research 2 Guidance survey included the participation of over 600 mcommerce companies. Among them, nearly one third felt that they would be generating at least a quarter of their revenue by way of their apps within the upcoming five years. Furthermore, 15 percent believe that in that same span of time, half of their revenue will be the result of mobile shoppers that use it.

While some continue to struggle, other mcommerce apps have been successfully generating a considerable amount of revenue, said the report. The issue is that the true successes are not the case for the majority of the retailers with these apps. According to a company rep, “Successful [mobile] commerce apps achieved download numbers of more than 2 million, but the long tale with apps that make only a few thousands downloads is long.”

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