Mcommerce optimization is lacking among many UK merchants

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mcommerce UKFailing to take this step could be causing a number of retailers in the United Kingdom to struggle unnecessarily.

A recent study has been conducted and has determined that only about half of the largest one hundred British retailers have opted to created an optimized mcommerce website that would allow their customers to use their smartphones or tablets to shop safely over their devices online.

This would mean that the retailers in the United Kingdom are falling behind those in the United States.

The study was conducted by a company called Skava, an American App developer. It determined that the leading retailers in the United Kingdom are falling back behind those in the United States, where it found that 100 percent of the leading large outlets have created an mcommerce website or are in the process of doing so.

The reason could be that the mcommerce statistics from last year are being misinterpreted.

In 2012, sales over mcommerce made up only 1 percent of the total spending that occurred online in Europe. However, by the year 2017, this is expected to increase considerably, to reach 6.8 percent. This means that if retailers are hoping to keep up with their competition and with the expectations of their customers, then they will likely need to act rather quickly to start optimizing.

Failure to optimize for mcommerce places retailers at risk of disappointing consumers who will look to the competition to provide them with a more acceptable shopping experience over their favorite devices. This could also mean that the retailer may not be able to convert as many visitors who had made their way to a website in a more casual way. They could remain consumers who merely informed themselves through the website but went elsewhere to become paying customers.

Arish Ali, a spokesperson for Skava, said that the UK based retailers, as well as those in Europe, were less inclined to jump into the changes demanded by mcommerce than those in the United States. This meant that even among the largest European organizations, there is less support for that shopping channel right now.

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