Mcommerce experts identify ways to avoid shopping cart abandonment

mobile commerce marketing tips

Mcommerce mobile marketing tips

Tips are being developed to help complete the transaction process.

Smartphones have made it possible to shop for just about anything simply through a mobile connection and an mcommerce website.

However, many merchants are facing a challenge with purchases that remain incomplete.

Just as e-retailers struggle with shopping cart abandonment, so do those who are targeting smartphone and tablet customers. This mcommerce challenge is a significant problem faced by these sellers. By being able to convince consumers to complete their purchase when they have placed items in their cart, sales will notably rise.

That said, mcommerce has still been experiencing notable growth.

Now, it is simply a matter of ironing out this new process and giving it some polish so that it best suits the consumer. Last year, mcommerce in the United States saw a surge of 91.4 percent in its sales. It is anticipated that by 2015, there will have been a 363 percent increase over last year’s numbers, bringing sales to $31 billion.

Retailers are working hard to attempt to remove the disconnect that still exists between the experience of a consumer, and what they actually expect. At the moment, the shopping cart abandonment rate in mcommerce sits at an average of 69 percent. This is leading to a sizeaqble missed opportunity for those merchants.

As the expectations and behaviors of mobile commerce shoppers are more carefully analyzed and understood, there are a number of techniques that are being discovered that can help to reduce this trend among retailers, so that both revenue and customer loyalty can be improved.

The first technique is to make certain that an mcommerce website is a simplified version of the standard site. Although over half of all smartphone owners are willing to make a purchase from a website that is mobile optimized, fewer than 5 percent of retailers have actually created a site that is dedicated to those devices. It is important to offer these shoppers a website that is useful, informative, and to the point, so that basic information can be quickly gathered and actions can be completed in the fewest possible steps and in the shortest time.

Speed is a vital consideration. Over 71 percent of consumers believe that their mobile device should load a page as quickly as their computer. Therefore, it is important to make sure an mcommerce site is designed with load time and ease of navigation in mind.

Finally, security needs to be a top priority on an mcommerce site. Twenty eight percent of consumers have expressed hesitations toward shopping with their smartphones due to security concerns. In order to encourage more sales, it is vital to show consumers that it is safe to make the purchase.

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