Mcommerce Android apps in the U.K. are growing quickly

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mcommerce UKShopping and banking applications are increasing in use faster than most others.

The latest data from the United Kingdom is showing that the use of banking and mcommerce apps is growing more quickly among Android device users than the use of gaming applications.

That said, Facebook and Google are still at the lead of that marketplace, regardless of their nature.

Nielsen statistics are showing that among the top 15 major apps that are growing the most rapidly for users of Android devices, seven are related to mcommerce, such as those from Amazon Quidco, and Tesco. The definition that the research has assigned to this type of app includes any in which digital products, retail items, and experiences can be purchased.

There are certain functions of mcommerce apps that are most popular among users, as well.

For instance, even when consumers aren’t actually making purchases through mcommerce apps, they may also be using them to find the nearest store locations, to be alerted about discounts and sales, and to gain product information. These can lead to a sale, even when the item is not actually being purchased over the app itself.

The data from Nielsen indicated that from May through October 2012, the Tesco app obtained 145 percent more users. It also noted that those users were spending 45 percent more time actually using the application. This follows a number of well hyped mobile trials from the company, which include the establishment of virtual stores at Gatwick airport as well as in a South Korean subway system.

The remaining eight applications – that is, those that were not mcommerce focused – were made up of two from banks and one that was a game. The average user time for the remaining apps in October showed that CoinDozer (a game) engaged its users for a whopping 166.30 minutes. This was followed by 78.76 minutes on Instagram and 53.19 minutes on Flipboard.

Comparatively, the mcommerce app from Tesco saw an average 13.65 minutes in October and Asda’s average user time was 16.63 minutes. The debate as to whether the low time on the shopping apps is a good sign has yet to be resolved, as some feel that the reduced time indicates that they are simple to use and are convenient. Others feel that people aren’t spending enough time browsing. Further study will be required to make this determination.

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