Mazda adopts augmented reality for new marketing campaign

Augmented Reality Marketing

Japanese automaker Mazda is taking a step into augmented reality with a new marketing campaign. The company has long fought to be on the cutting edge of technologies and believes that augmented reality is the next step in marketing and, on a larger scale, consumer engagement. Mazda’s new campaign can be found in magazines such as Wheels, Men’s Health and Fishing World. Each ad will feature an augmented reality video that can be activated by a smart phone.

The auto industry has become enamored by augmented reality recently. The technology has opened up a new avenue for companies to engage consumers and add new features to their vehicles. Some automakers, like Toyota, are using augmented reality in the cars they make, turning windshields into virtual displays. Mazda is one of the few companies using the technology in terms of marketing, but hopes to catch the attention of tech-savvy consumers.

The video found in the ad can only be viewed from an Android smart phone equipped with the Aurasma or Aurasma Lite application. Aurasma is one of the most popular AR platforms available for smart phones today and Mazda’s future use of the technology will likely include Aurasma in some fashion. Mazda believes that augmented reality is the perfect addition to their marketing efforts because it will add a new dimension of depth and immersion for fans of the brand.

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