May 2015 experienced dip in mobile marketing costs

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At the same time, the downloads also experienced a measurable dip throughout that month.

A Fiksu report was recently released that showed that in May 2015, there was a slight drop in the costs associated with mobile marketing, as well as in the number of downloads, when compared to previous months.

This mobile advertising and downloading trend was said to be the result of app store changes among other considerations.

The report also pointed out that seasonal slowdowns and more strategic mobile marketing methods played a role in the reduction in costs and downloads. It showed that the cost per loyal user (CPLU) also fell by 10 percent, to reach $2.47. That said, the number of downloads as a whole fell by 17 percent, to hit the 6.7 million mark for May.

The mobile marketing data also pointed out that the cost per install index (CPI) dropped to $1.46 on iOS.

geo location mobile marketingThat figure represents a reduction of 31 percent when compared to the month before. Comparatively, the CPIs that were recorded for Android based devices rose to $2.33, which represented a 12 percent increase over the figure from April 2015.

The Fiksu Indexes suggest that the cost per launch (CPL) fell by a significant 31 percent for iOS based devices, bringing that figure to $0.28, in May. That said, the decrease that was seen for Android was 14 percent, reaching $0.30.

According to Micah Adler, the CEO of Fiksu, “While we have seen seasonal slowdowns of app marketing during the summer months in prior years, May’s results also reflect brands implementing more precise audience segmentation.”

Adler also went on to point out that although Facebook has continued to be the method of choice for connecting with mobile audiences, in 2015, the increasing CPIs has directed some mobile marketing firms to seek out new cost reduction methods and a way to concentrate their budgets on a more targeted audience that would be more likely to find the message relevant and to actually act upon it. “As we predicted last month, smarter spending across the ecosystem will, in due course, cause loyalty rates of app users to improve.”

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