Mastercard launches to help cardholders find open businesses - Mastercard credit card

As regions re-emerge from pandemic lockdowns, this tool helps shoppers know what is open.

Mastercard has announced the launch of, a regional tool to assist cardholders in knowing which businesses have opened their physical locations following lockdowns.

The mobile commerce tool is geared toward consumers residing in regions of the U.S. and Canada.

The site was built by Mastercard in partnership with the SixthSense data analytics firm. It works by listing a long list of business types, including everything from pharmacies and grocery stores to restaurants, boutiques, dry cleaners and more. The website also provides additional information about businesses that have opened up following lockdowns. Some of this information includes whether the companies accept contactless or mobile payments.

“Businesses large and small are the engine of growth for economies around the world and right now they need our collective support to navigate these uncharted times,” explained Mastercard executive vice president of products and innovation in North America, Jess Turner in a recent news release. “The resiliency and drive of small business owners is unprecedented, and ensuring they have the tools and resources necessary is the single most important thing we all can do for economic and social vitality.”

Beyond, Mastercard also announced a number of other new initiatives.

For example, Mastercard announced the launch of Digital Acceleration for Small Business. This initiative is designed to provide small business owners with useful insights when they are seeking to broaden their digital presence. This program’s initial launch will take place in the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean. The credit card giant did not provide initial details as to whether it intends to roll out the initiative beyond those geographical regions and, if so, how quickly it intends to do so.

Mastercard has also already rolled out its Digital Doors program in the United States. For that initiative, it partnered with other firms such as Shopify, Hello Allice, and BigCommerce, using cybersecurity tools, Click to Pay mobile payments options, and a customized digital skills curriculum.

The company’s Latin American partners include INCAE, Leafgrow, Linio, and SheWorks. - Mastercard credit cardThe company has yet to detail whether will expand beyond Canada and the United States over time.

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