Massive QR codes encourage inquiry based learning

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Monash College is using quick response codes posted on a wall to teach multiculturalism and other important lessons.

In Melbourne, Australia, Monash College has now added QR codes to its campus on Bourke Street in order to make it possible for students to scan a wall and obtain interesting information on a range of different topics.

The addition of the quick response codes was created by Designinc Melbourne.

The artwork on the walls through which the QR codes are displayed is the work of artist Chris Clements. Clements said that he worked with Designinc quite closely in order to be able to convert the Monash College social spaces into interactive experiences for the enjoyment and benefit of the students there. He added that the school had been seeking to broaden their design vision within the social spaces. Emma Schmutzer, the Design Project Manager, consulted with Clements in order to make certain that the design brief would be fulfilled.

The QR codes were added to the feature wall in order to make the design interactive for the students.

qr codes businessSmartphone and tablet using students can stop and scan the QRcodes along the wall in order to be redirected to certain websites. Those sites will be updated and changed by the university in order to ensure that the content remains fresh and the interest in the feature remains high.

Clements explained that “The concepts for the pieces are based around multiculturalism and pedagogical discussions on inquiry based learning and technology.” He also added that “For the work QR, I consulted with the school and embedded QR codes within the work that linked them to websites, providing students with a platform to further inquiry on a range of subjects.”

The work on the walls is a unique combination of an abstract painting style that has actually been deliberately formed to produce a scannable digital code. Using these barcodes is meant to direct students to a spectrum of “educational and sometimes surprising websites, sites of further inquiry.” The QR codes, themselves, would be very hard to miss, due to their sheer size, combined with the vibrant colors that were chosen to create them.

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