Marvel introduces new augmented reality book featuring Spider-Man

Augmented reality- Marvel

Augmented reality- Marvel

Companies continues its adoption of augmented reality technology

Marvel Comics continues its endeavor to incorporate augmented reality technology with a new mobile application meant to bring Spider-Man to life. The company has released a new Amazing Spider-Man book that is aimed at delving deeper into the story of the web-slinger ahead of the highly anticipated movie release this month. Using the mobile application associated with the book, readers will be able to take on the visage of Spider-Man as well as unlock various rewards for participating in interact content.

Marvel aims to entice new generation of tech-savvy consumers

Marvel has taken a keen interest in augmented reality recently. Like others in the publishing industry, the company has struggled to ensure that its printed products can compete with digital content. Augmented reality technology has been targeted as a viable way to engage a new generation of consumers who have shown themselves to be inseparable from mobile technologies of all kinds. Despite the possibility that consumers may be moving away from comic books, the company is keen to leverage the adoration that its characters have attained in order to bring in new readers.


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Augmented reality book and application available for iOS mobile devices

The Spider-Man AR Book, as it is called, is available in Apple’s App Store. The Spider-Man mobile application is also available in the App Store for those looking to experience the augmented reality content that can be found in the book. Currently, both products are only available for iOS mobile devices, though Marvel may choose to expand the availability of these products depending on the success of the initiative.

Marvel shows proficiency in the use of augmented reality for marketing and promotion

The acclaimed comic and entertainment company first announced its foray into the world of augmented reality with the debut of its cross-over series The Avengers vs. The X-Men. The company has since made use of augmented reality technology as a marketing tool for its blockbuster movie The Avengers, which was released in May of this year.

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