Mario Kart Tour becomes Nintendo’s fastest mobile game launch to date

Mario Kart Tour - Mario figurine - Nintendo

The popular racing game has been downloaded over 90 million times in its first week.

With over 90 million downloads in the first week of its release, Mario Kart Tour is at the top of the charts and is easily Nintendo’s fastest mobile game launch ever.

The number of downloads is six times higher than Nintendo’s second best mobile game launch.

According to Sensor Tower, the number of downloads of Mario Kart Tour is six times greater than Nintendo’s mobile game Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, which was its second biggest launch. Compared to Mario Kart’s whopping 90 million downloads, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp generated 14.3 million downloads in the first week following its launch.

Meanwhile, the company’s third best launch, Super Mario Run, had just under 13 million downloads in its first week, and Fire Emblem Heroes, in fourth place, had 8.1 million. Needless to say, the Mario Kart mobile game has left them in the dust.

Mario Kart Tour may be first in downloads but it comes in third place for spending.

While this title may be Nintendo’s biggest for mobile in terms of downloads within its first week, the same cannot be said for the amount of money the game has grossed.

In its first week it pulled in $12.7 million, notes Sensor Tower. However, this places it in third behind Super Mario Run’s $16.1 million and Fire Emblem Heroes’ $28.2 million.

In terms of player spending, App Store players made up most of the gross revenue spending at $9.6 million (75.5%) compared to Google Play users’ $3.1 million (24.5%). Players in the U.S. spent the most on the game ($5.8 million), accounting for nearly half of the whole total, with Japan coming in second ($4 million) and France following with ($752,000).

The U.S. also took the top spot for the most number of downloads (13.2 million), followed by Brazil (10.7), and Mexico (5.8 million). That being said, while Android may have lagged behind in the player spending department, it Mario Kart Tour - Mario figurine - Nintendoproved to be the most popular platform for Mario Kart tour, with 53.5 million downloads, nearly 60% of the download total, compared to only 36.5 million downloads on iOS.

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