Macy’s takes a new approach to shopping online with the help of augmented reality

Macy Virtual Dressing Room

Macy Virtual Dressing Room
When shopping for clothes online, it can be tricky to find the right fit. Retailers do well to show how their clothes fit on models, but this often presents a less-than-accurate representation of the average consumer. Macy’s is taking a new approach to this by adopting augmented reality. Augmented reality has been used by retailers in the past to present consumers with a virtual fitting room, allowing them to try on digital clothing. Macy’s new AR system will help consumers find the best fit for their body and the company hopes it will drive up online sales.

Macy’s is partnering with True Fit, a technology startup, to bring the concept to life. True Fit will help Macy’s succeed where other retailers have failed. In the past, retailers have attempted to help consumers find clothes fit for their bodies by employing shape-shifting mannequins and a vast array of mediocre mobile apps. Most of these techniques proved to be far too expensive to sustain, sending retailers back to the drawing board.

True Fit has designed the system to match a consumers needs in three minutes or less. Shoppers fill out a simple profile where they answer questions regarding their body type. The system then combines these answers with consumers’ shopping habits on the site and produces results based on the data. The system then recommends clothing for a shopper’s body type and suggests items that they might find interesting.

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