M-health receives a significant boost from AppLink from Ford Sync



This allergy alert application allows motorists to check the risk of seasonal allergies en route.

Ford Motor Company has just unveiled its latest AppLink m-health feature in partnership with IMS Health’s Allergy Alert app, which is designed to provide drivers with a safe and convenient way to look into the types of allergens that are in the air in the areas they intend to travel.

This helps gauge the potential for stuffed and runny noses, sneezing, and watery eyes.

Whatever the seasonal or environmental allergy symptoms that are experienced, motorists will be able to use this m-health tool on their smartphones to find out whether or not there is a high risk that they will be experiencing them.

M-health is helping to make it easier for people to make informed, healthy decisions.

According to the Ford Connected Services global director, Doug VanDagens, m-health applications “are changing the way consumers manage their own wellness, and Ford Sync provides the platform to extend this growing trend to the driving experience.”

He went on to explain that “The Sync AppLink-enabled Allergy Alert app allows drivers to quickly check current and upcoming pollen and other health risk conditions with simple voice commands while keeping their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.”


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Using this app, motorists are able to integrate the use of their tablets or smartphones with the technology in their vehicles. Once they have been synched, simple voice commands are all that is necessary to conveniently and rapidly obtain Allergy Alert information. All this is possible without having to look away from the road or take hands off the steering wheel.

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By way of the pollen index rating in the application, motorists can obtain information regarding the types of allergen levels that they will be experiencing along their journeys and at their destinations. This can help them to predict whether or not their pollen allergies will cause symptoms to be experienced while driving so that proper precautions can be taken for safety.

The m-health app also provides additional information such as the intensity of the UV rays, cold and flu density in the area, and the risk for asthma sufferers in a given area.

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