M-commerce will help to bring online shopping to $370 billion in the US


M-CommerceThe predictions from Forrester Research are that it will reach this level before the close of 2017

Forrester Research has released the details of its latest study, which have indicated that m-commerce will play a vital role in the astronomical growth of ecommerce over the next few years in the United States.

The report said that this will be fueled by the rapid adoption of tablets and smartphones among consumers across the country.

So far, they have shown that sales over ecommerce are on pace to experience a considerable annual growth rate right through the year 2017. The report was called “U.S. Online Retail Forecast 2012 to 2017”. What it indicated was that in the United States, the ecommerce boom will rely heavily on m-commerce in order to be as successful as it will be.

This m-commerce prediction has supported many other forecasts from previous studies that have been performed.

Forrester Research principal analyst, Sucharita Mulpuru, said that “Mobile’s effect is largely to influence sales in other channels.” She also went on to explain that “Conversions are small and likely will be small for most sites into the foreseeable future.” This means that while consumers may not necessarily be making a tremendous number of purchases over m-commerce, and while those purchases may be for less expensive orders, this channel is still having a considerable influence over buying decisions that are made for purchases over other channels, such as online and in store.

This will be a very important influence that will help to push ecommerce forward over the next few years at a rapid rate. In fact, in the United States, alone, Forrester is predicting that by 2017, ecommerce will be worth $370 billion and that a great deal of that will have resulted from the influence that m-commerce has had over consumers, regardless of whether or not the purchases that they make are actually over a smartphone or tablet.

They believe that m-commerce will be a major driver that will help ecommerce to reach the point that it will represent 10 percent of all retail sales made in the United States.

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