M-commerce website performance crushed by GameStop’s huge homepage

m-commerce slow performance

m-commerce slow performanceThe size of the page was damaging to its ability to load quickly and hurt its Keynote Index score.

The GameStop online retailer’s m-commerce website experienced a crushing load time of 19.53 seconds last week as its massive homepage side proved to be too much for many mobile consumers, especially as it loaded successfully only 98.99 percent of the time.

This, according to the data gathered by Keynote Systems for the most recent week of their index.

Keynote Systems feels that GameStop simply made its m-commerce homepage too big to allow the average mobile device to be able to load it within any reasonable time. This is because the longer a page takes to load, the more frustrated a consumer will become, and the less likely he or she will wait for the site to perform. This significantly increases the abandonment rate for the site.

The GameStop m-commerce site is a very large one, with almost 50 page objects on its homepage.

These objects include boxes of text as well as images. The weight ranged from 500 to 600 kilobytes. In order to load fully, the m-commerce page must also retrieve content from 10 different web domains, explained Keynote.

In that firm’s opinion the ideal size of a homepage should be 10 or fewer objects, but certainly no more than 20 objects. The weight should be no greater than 100 to 150 kilobytes. Furthermore, the site should need to fetch its content from a maximum of 6 to 10 domains. It advised that anything above 15 becomes entirely unacceptable.

During the week that ended on February 24, the most recent for the Keynote Mobile Commerce Index, GameStop raised its load time to 19.53 and loaded successfully 98.99 percent of the time. This gave the site a dismal score of only 556 out of a possible 1,000. During that week, the thirty retailer m-commerce websites that were included in the index achieved an average score of 798, with a top score of 954. Clearly, GameStop came nowhere near the average and will need to make some considerable changes to raise itself in the ranks.

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