M-commerce study shows college students are heavy users

m-commerce colleget students

m-commerce colleget studentsRecently released research has shown that this demographic is gluttonous for smartphone shopping.

The results of a new study have just been released, which have shown that American college students are tremendously fond of using their smartphones and tablets to research m-commerce deals and discounts that are available to them online.

Those pursuing higher education are also using high tech gadgets to save money while shopping.

Among the participants in this m-commerce study, it was shown that 90 percent were using their devices to search for coupons and other kinds of deals that would provide them with greater value or more money savings.

This discovery can help to further identify important demographic details for m-commerce companies.

The study was conducted by Campus2Careers and Study Breaks. The survey was held with the participation of 689 students in American colleges and showed that 51 percent claimed that they use their smartphone or tablet to try to find a coupon or deal. Among all of the participants in the study, 20 percent said that they did so “always”, while 31 percent said that they performed the searches “often”.

Among all of the survey’s smartphone carrying participants, only 10 percent said that they “never” used their devices to seek out m-commerce deals.

According to a Study Breaks Statement, “What this all means is that, like it or not, mobile devices are an extension of college students–a practical limb–and it’s crucial that businesses take advantage of this.” The statement added that in order to be able to accomplish this goal, it is important for m-commerce marketing tactics to be developed. It indicated that creating a smartphone and/or tablet optimized website could help to boost interactivity and assist in reaching that vital college student demographic at any given time.

By taking part in m-commerce through the right techniques and marketing, the report says that companies can be better capable of communicating and interacting with these consumers through the form of media that they “never put down”.

Among the forms of m-commerce marketing communications that were found to be the most effective by the study, QR codes stood out as 46 percent of the participants had scanned one of the barcodes that they had seen in print ads.

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