M-commerce speed at Best Buy improves as reliability drops

m-commerce graph fall

The electronics retailer has managed the slash its load time by 1.5 seconds, but errors are more common.

According to the latest report from Keynote Systems on m-commerce performance, the mobile homepage at Best Buy has an average load time of 10.82 seconds, which isn’t great but that is significantly improved over the results from the previous week.

The load time combined with the site availability are what are measured by Keynote for its index.

Both of those factors were taken into account when the ranking for the site’s position on the Keynote Mobile Commerce Performance Index was determined for that week. They are both considered to be equally and vitally importance to the performance and success of an m-commerce site in terms of use by consumers on their smartphones.

m-commerce graph fallThe successes experienced by Best Buy on its m-commerce site went in two different directions this week.

The first direction was an improvement with the shortened load time for the m-commerce homepage. However, the other direction wasn’t as good as the number of errors produced by the site increased. The retailer was able to shrink its load time by decreasing the size of the page from 600 kilobytes to less than 300 kilobytes. This reduced the time by 1.5 seconds, which is a considerable difference, said Keynote.

This data was collected during the week that ended on June 16. Though an improvement, the load time of the m-commerce homepage was still 10.82 seconds. Considering that the best load time among the thirty other sites on the index was 2.12 seconds, it shows that there is still considerable room for improvement. That said, the average load time was 10.43 seconds among all of the sites, showing that Best Buy has managed to bring itself to about the average load rate, if not yet to one of the best ones.

The main problem that harmed the m-commerce performance of the site was its connection errors on the Verizon and AT&T wireless networks. The result was that its success rate was a measly 97.86 percent, according to Keynote. Connection errors are serious because they stop a mobile web browser from being able to connect with the site.

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