M-commerce set for massive Christmas shopping success in UK

in-store Mobile commerce shopping line

Mobile commerce shopping lineNew research from NetSuite has shown mobile commerce will be a key factor in holiday shopping.

An m-commerce study commissioned by NetSuite Inc. has revealed that nearly one quarter of consumers intend to spend a larger amount of money this year on their Christmas shopping than they did three years ago.

It also indicated that many would be using mobile devices to help to make their purchases.

The research indicated that m-commerce will be playing a vital role in driving holiday sales throughout the Christmas shopping season in the United Kingdom. Nearly one in five customers who participated in the survey stated that they intended to use a smartphone or tablet to make their holiday purchases this year.

One in 10 consumers younger than 35 years said m-commerce is their primary shopping channel.

The research involved the participation of 2,000 smartphone using consumers in the United Kingdom. It was conducted by Vanson Bourne. The survey was sponsored by NetSuite, which announced its results ahead of the release of its “The Christmas Gamble” report.

That said, beyond the actual method of making the purchase, the survey indicated that this year, consumers are willing to take more of a gamble with regards to their holiday purchases. Among the consumers who had been surveyed three years ago, nearly half had said that one of the items that they had intended to purchase was out of stock. Among them 80 percent said that they also found the products to be unavailable online.

The items most likely to be out of stock included toys, clothing, and accessories. Forty percent of the surveyed customers said that they had experienced similar problems with these types of items in the past during the holiday shopping season.

Only half of the consumers who participated in the survey had started their Christmas shopping. This is the gamble to which the report refers – guessing that they will be able to obtain the items that they’d truly like to give as gifts this year.

This added confidence that they may be able to find what they want may have to do with the increased ability to search and compare over m-commerce. Consumers have become accustomed to stepping into a store and, when there is an empty shelf, they simply use their favorite mobile device to locate it at another store, at the competition, or online.

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