M-commerce is getting easier through new Stripe tools

M-Commerce A Shaky Start

The design of these new features is meant to make smartphone based shopping much simpler.

While shopping online isn’t anything new, the popularity of smartphones has been changing the game, as m-commerce makes it possible to shop whenever and wherever the consumer might be at the time.

However, at the same time, actual purchases made over smartphones aren’t climbing as fast as the rate of shopping.

Many consumers use m-commerce to shop for items by comparing prices, looking at products, reading reviews and checking store inventories. However, when it comes time to buy, a large portion of them will head to a laptop and many of the rest will go to the brick and mortar store. However, Stripe – a San Francisco based e-commerce company – is working to change that by greatly simplifying the process of making a purchase over a smartphone, through the introduction of a range of new tools.

The start-up is working to overcome the m-commerce barriers from smaller screens and a lack of a keyboard.

M-Commerce A Shaky StartThe company has announced a product called Relay, which is basically a number of software tools that retailers will be able to use in order to simplify the sale of products and services by retailers. This will make it possible for products and services to be sold over apps and social networks. At the same time, from the consumer side, the checkout process has been greatly simplified.

According to the co-founder of Stripe, Patrick Collison, who is also the chief exec, “Figuring out how to deliver the right commerce experience is becoming increasingly relevant in delivering the right overall experience.”

The new tool makes it possible for customers to be able to make a purchase with a few taps of the screen, regardless of whether they are using an app, their social media account, or a website, provided that the retailer is using Relay. This allows the m-commerce process to be able to skip the use of an outside website that would require a customer to register or log on and enter all of his or her shipping and payment details using a smartphone touch screen keyboard. With Relay, only verifications are required.

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